Home health

Care for children

Synergy Health Systems is here to service the whole family in dealing with caring for children that have disabilities , medical complications, etc. Our health professionals will assist in caring for the child by strengthening an individual’s overall health. Synergy provide caring health care services to infants all the way to teens. Our care for children is based on the need of the child and the family as a whole.

Our home health care services

  • Occupational Therapy Speech
  • Therapy Medication Management
  • Monitoring Health
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Wound care
  • Respite Care
  • Personal Care

Synergy Health Systems

Synergy Health Systems is committed to ensuring that children and teens with physical disabilities and mental illness have equal access to seamless, beneficial and culturally suitable healthcare services and support. Synergy believes that children and teens served must have a reasonable chance to live healthy, independent, stable and meaningful lives within the community.

Strengthening youth’s health and mental health and fostering resilience to manage life’s stressors contributes to productivity, improved general health and a healthier society.

It is our belief that developing self-understanding of their health through education, coping skills and effective use of social supports, along with access to mental health counseling provide a strong foundation for independence and recovery.

Intensive In-Home Services

We can help

We offer intensive in- home counseling to children who are in need of mental health services due to a traumatic event which occurred in their life. The event may be related to neglect, abandonment, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, and or loss of a love one. Left untreated, underlying issues will develop causing an imbalance in the children’s way of thinking. When behavior reaches such a point, a need for therapeutic intervention should be sought in order to provide the children with the necessary tools to regain control over their emotions, which will promote healthier living and avoid placement in either a psychiatric or juvenile facility.


*Age 8-18
*Medicaid/ most insurance taken
*Behavioral Diagnosis