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Author: Vic Kerry

ISBN: 9780982280973
Pages: 426
Description: Life as a middle school principal can be humdrum, and so was the case for Suzanne Clay. Everyday it was the same thing, filling out detention slips and dealing with fist fights between boys and the cliquishness among prepubescent girls.
Everything changed when she met the Children of Lot and got caught up in their strange prophecy.
Along with Suzanne, the special education teacher and a handful of students find themselves locked in a potentially deadly and mind-altering encounter with the Children of Lot.
It is an encounter that will test everything within Suzanne just to survive and get her students out of harm’s way. At every step, a new danger rears its horrible head, and she battles wits with the sly and crafty leader of the cult, who will stop at nothing to make sure God smiles on his people.
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