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Author: E.M. Leya

Pages: 152
Description: Mitch left town eight years ago and never looked back after his best friend and brother both rejected him in the same day. Now he’s back and ready to face the ghosts of his past. Problem is, the feelings that caused his best friend, Cohen to cast him out haven’t changed. If anything, they have grown stronger.

When Cohen comes offering an apology, Mitch accepts it, vowing to keep his true feelings from Cohen and work on getting back the friendship they used to have. Trouble is, the more he is around Cohen, the stronger his desire grows.

Set on forgetting his fantasy, Mitch finds other ways to distract himself, but Cohen doesn’t seem to want to let him go. As the two work through their feelings, events force Mitch to face the reality that sometimes what you want, isn’t what you need.
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