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Author: Charlie Purple

ISBN: 9781521954683
Pages: 364
Description: I was given this book for free in an exchange of an honest review. Mr Purple was very kind to me & gave me some useful writing advices, and I feel so bad that I can’t finish this, but I have to be honest in my review.

So. Since there is no synopsis here, Basaclanca is about a guy named Danny Rainbow who got inspired by HG Wells’ The Time Machine (a book I loved) and tried to invent a time machine, the plot twist being that he managed to go back in time for 800,000 miliseconds instead, although somehow it blasts him into an alternate universe. Thus, our boy Danny became a alternate universe traveler, or more like a conoisseur, hopping from one alternate universe to the next (called “alts” in-universe). You follow? So far so good.

What I like about this book:
– The sense of humour (some parts made me crack a smile and it’s just so clever–the title itself is clever)
– The fact that the author tried to tackle the current debate/discourse in humor, aka PC vs non-PC humor, but in an (of course) humorous way. This is an issue that is fairly dear to me and I care a lot about it, so I’m glad that it was discussed, as woke as it sounds.
– The creative alts and the creative alternate histories and worlds, of course!
– The science. I’m not a sciencey guy myself but it seems legit to me lol.

What I don’t really like:
– The plot is so so good, but the execution is all over the place. I feel like this book could do with some very good editing, bc I was really engrossed in like ch 3 or so, and sometimes the author could be really clever and good with his comedy.
– The writing style. I am an ESL so I feel like it’s not my place to comment on grammar and punctuation, however, I am also a writer, and I am particularly nitpicky about this, so I have to comment on this. There should be more commas, commas, commas. And there are a lot of ineffective sentences, while at the same time there are WAY too much dialogues while the narrative (what connects point A to point B) is still lacking, thus confusing me as a reader.
– Too much characters that wasn’t introduced properly, and we wasn’t given enough time to “bond” with them, so we don’t care about them. The transition between one POV and the next isn’t particularly smooth either.
– Some “accents” are REALLY hard to read, particularly Joseppi’s. He annoys me and I actually just skip his parts altogether. I think the author could have gotten around this part by, well, not writing out all of the weird accents, just mention that the char has a weird accent, or has other char comment on it or not being able to understand them. I always find written accents confusing at best and annoying at worst.
– The characters…still felt flat to me. Especially Mary, the token female character, who only serves as Danny’s love interest.
– …I feel so bad for saying this, but the first chapter needs a LOT of editing. It’s so messy and all over the place, and just overall confusing.
– The story moves too fast. As I said, too much dialogue, too much characters, too little narrative. I think it would be more interesting to spend some more time with Danny and how he managed to build his machine, instead of suddenly “and Danny managed to build a time machine”. And then suddenly he was exploring a lot of alts. I get that the focus is the chars and their humanity bc this is primarily comedy in genre, not the scifi and fantasy, but the story would benefit from slowing down a bit and let readers know what is happening instead of force feeding us everything at 200 km/h.

DNF at chapter 4. I wanted to like this, and I feel bad for writing a first review and it’s a rather bad one, but I have to be honest with my review.

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